John West Foods Limited

Trading as John West (UK)

Registered in England with number 00200767.

John West Foods is a United Kingdom-based seafood marketing company established in 1857, and currently owned by Thai Union Group of Thailand. They are known as a producer of canned salmon and tuna, and also supply mackerel, sardine, herring, brisling, anchovies and shellfish.

The original company was founded by T. L. Pelling and C. H. Stanley, who created Pelling Stanley and Company in 1857. The company soon specialised in importing canned food, which at the time was a novel product. By 1879, they were importing canned salmon from the John West company in Oregon, USA. Pelling Stanley purchased the rights to use the John West name in 1888. The first shipments of John West Salmon appeared in 1892.

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As of 2016 the latest league table for tuna sold by supermarkets and companies produced by Greenpeace ranked the firm last because 98% of its tuna was caught using “fish aggregation devices” that kill other marine wildlife including sharks and endangered turtles.

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