May 10, 2017

My pager: The 'in thing' in the 90s

Vodafone has announced it will shut down its paging business after the competition watchdog threatened to investigate its sale to Capita. "With the pager, you can be quite anti-social. You don't have to talk to people. It's good for meetings as you can feel it buzzing on your belt. Also, it's a different number to your phone, so you can keep your phone number separate." "My pager seems to be stuck in 2013. Maybe the manufacturers had some sort of life span in mind. The correct date appears when I send a message but since 2013 it has stayed on the same year." "If pager services stop then I'll move on to the smartphone. I already use one. It was good while it lasted." "The prices seem to have escalated. I think it's about £2.50 to phone it now. I leave myself a message every couple of years, just out of interest to see if it works. The same greeting I sent to the operator to read out still plays."

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