Aug 24, 2017

Why does no-one want a new phone these days?

Earlier on Thursday Dixons Carphone said the appetite for new phones was pretty weak currently - one reason worried investors marked the shares down by 30%. Dixons Carphone said customers are choosing to hang on to their existing smartphones for four to five months longer, and it is partly because Apple's most recent iPhone is not seen as appealing enough. "We have a much bigger iPhone 6 base - we have many customers holding on to the iPhone 6S even if the battery is on its last leg." Asher Silver's phone has a hole in its corner, but he would rather just get another iPhone 6S.Growing concern. Copywriter Kate Fairman, 26, says it's too expensive: "I've had my iPhone 6S for two months. Before that I had an iPhone 5S. I kept it for a long time because I couldn't afford a new phone and I had to wait to get an upgrade." Although investors in Dixons Carphone were clearly spooked by the poor picture painted of mobile phone sales, chief executive Mr James is optimistic that the number of mobile phone contract packages will soon go up, because no phone will last forever, and few people want to pay the full price of a smartphone upfront.

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