Nov 22, 2017

UK regulator has 'huge concerns' over Uber breach

Uber did not tell anyone about the breach and paid a ransom to hackers to delete the data. "It's always the company's responsibility to identify when UK citizens have been affected as part of a data breach and take steps to reduce any harm to consumers. Deliberately concealing breaches from regulators and citizens could attract higher fines for companies," Mr Dipple-Johnson said. He said the Information Commissioner's Officer would work with the National Cyber Security Centre to determine the scale of the breach and how it affected people in the UK, as well considering the next steps that Uber needed to take to comply "With its data protection obligations". "Given the current climate around data security and breaches, it is astonishing that Uber paid off the hackers and kept this breach under wraps for a year." "Millions of people will now be worrying over what has happened to their personal data over the past 12 months, and Uber is directly responsible for this."

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