Dec 29, 2017

National Archives: Thatcher and Major clashed over economy

Margaret Thatcher clashed with John Major over his handling of the economy, just weeks after she resigned as prime minister, government files reveal. Mrs Thatcher, who was Conservative prime minister between 1979 and 1990, had previously made clear Mr Major, who went on to serve as prime minister until 1997, was her chosen successor. Mr Major wrote to Mrs Thatcher on Boxing Day 1990 and invited her to a meeting where they might air - and resolve - their differences. During the meeting, which took place in Mr Major's room in the House of Commons on 3 January 1991, Mrs Thatcher warned that "Excessively high" interest rates risked pushing the UK's economy into recession. "Mrs Thatcher said conditions on the economy were very tough indeed," the official minute of the meeting said.

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