Jan 15, 2018

Apple handed over extra £81m to UK tax authority after audit

Apple handed over an additional £81m to the UK tax authority after an "Extensive audit", according to accounts published on Monday. The announcement of the extra tax payment, which follows the disclosure of a £136m payment by another subsidiary of the technology group last week, shows the probe by HM Revenue & Customs brought in a total of £217m. Apple said in its accounts for the 18 months to April 2017 that the payment of additional tax and interest "Reflects the company's increased activity". It reported pre-tax profits of £291.7m and a total tax bill - including the extra £81m - of £117m. The payment, which covered several years leading up to 2015, is the latest state claim against the company, which has set aside €13bn to pay a disputed bill for back taxes that the EU says Apple owes in Ireland. It added: "We know the important role that tax payments play in society. Apple pays all that we owe according to tax laws and local customs in the countries where we operate." In a statement, HMRC said: "We do not comment on the tax affairs of individual companies. Multinational companies must pay all taxes due and we don't settle for less. Last year alone, HMRC secured and protected over £8bn in additional tax revenue from the largest and most complex businesses."

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