Jan 5, 2018

Fewer shops, more homes in age of Amazon and Asos

So it has proved with a profit warning this week sending the shares down to 30p. Next week will bring more seasonal casualties as it becomes painfully clear that there are simply too many shops for the age of Amazon and Asos. As with Hinkley Point, whose French builders are now suggesting that they build a second plant to exploit the ruinous lessons from the first, the barrage backers are reduced to ever more ingenious arguments to justify the cost. Both Hinkley Point and Swansea barrage would take the UK further away from the achievable long-term goal of cheap, reliable energy. Both projects are eye-wateringly expensive ways to solve yesterday's problem. Showing rather more agility than usual, the Financial Conduct Authority now wants to know what happened inside Carillion in that short space between "Everything's fine" and "We're close to bust".

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