Jan 10, 2018

Tesco aims to make dough out of fashion for veganism

Vegan recipe books are on the shop shelves and veganism is a popular discussion topic online, as the internet makes it as easy to share links to films critical of animal farming, such as the popular "Cowspiracy", as it is to share an image of your multi-coloured, spiralised, plant-based lunch. "I think historically, people have looked at veganism as cranks in sandals, an uninspiring diet. But what we're seeing now is a fantastic range of delicious options and that's why supermarkets are now proud to put vegan word on it." Data from market analysts Euromonitor suggests over the last couple of years, the value of products sold with a "Vegan" label has actually fallen. So while Tesco's new range is entirely suitable for vegans, they're marketed somewhat counter-intuitively under the label "Wicked". On the whole, he'd rather see clearly identified products that would make life easier for vegans out shopping.

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