Jan 30, 2018

Volkswagen takes responsibility for exhaust tests on monkeys

Volkswagen has taken responsibility for diesel emissions tests on humans and monkeys amid mounting fury. VW chief executive Matthias Mueller said the German car maker had "Taken first consequences" for the tests. He said the animal testing was "Wrong ... unethical and repulsive", Spiegel Online reported. The exhaust fume tests were carried out by EUGT, a now disbanded body that had been funded by VW as well as rivals Daimler, which owns Mercedes Benz, and BMW. Last week the New York Times reported that EUGT had exposed 10 monkeys to fumes - in an air-tight chamber - from several cars, including a diesel VW Beetle, at a lab in Albuquerque. Over the weekend Germany's Stuttgarter Zeitung and SWR radio reported that 19 men and six women had inhaled diesel fumes in another EUGT experiment.

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