Feb 5, 2018

Ryanair warns of further staff disruption

Ryanair is warning of "Localised disruptions" as it recognises unions across the countries it operates in. Last month Ryanair agreed to recognise a union for its 600 UK pilots. Ryanair said: "As we finalise union discussions along similar lines to that agreed in the UK, we expect some localised disruptions and adverse PR so investors should be prepared for same." "But Ryanair said that during the process, unions at other airlines could spark trouble:"In certain jurisdictions, unions representing competitor airlines will wish to test our commitment to our low cost, high pay/high productivity model to disrupt our operations. Ryanair said it was still expecting profits for the full-year to be between €1.4bn and €1.45bn, but it said that that depended on three things: the absence of union disruptions, unforeseen security events and the level of Easter bookings.

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