Mar 7, 2018

Three and Vodafone in traffic-throttling probe

Mobile companies Three and Vodafone are under investigation over the way they manage data on their networks. "Vodafone does not 'throttle' speeds on Vodafone Passes, either in the UK or while customers are roaming." "Optimising means making the bandwidth available that enables videos to be delivered in a faster, more efficient way, while still providing the best smartphone viewing experience, and without compromising the experience of other customers who do not use a Vodafone Pass.". Traffic-management practices relating to Vodafone Passes - eg throttling particular categories of traffic - including where traffic management is applied when customers are roaming. The transparency of exceptions to zero rating within the Vodafone Passes products, which mean that certain functions within certain zero-rated applications will use customers' general data allowance and not be zero-rated.

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