May 8, 2018

Audi admits more diesel emission problems

Audi has admitted that another 60,000 A6 and A7 models with diesel engines have emission software issues. The so-called dieselgate emissions scandal first came to light in September 2015. Three years ago, Volkswagen admitted that nearly 600,000 cars sold in the US were fitted with "Defeat devices" designed to circumvent emissions tests. Audi says it discovered what it calls "Irregularities" in the emissions controls of some A6 and A7 models while carrying out internal investigations in the wake of the scandal that engulfed the VW Group two years ago. It could be a defeat device - or it could be a system originally designed just to give users a bit more time to fill up their adblue tanks, but which is now deemed to be unacceptable because of its impact on emissions.

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