May 11, 2018

Wetherspoons, Greggs and the food and drink life cycle

Greggs is the home of the 90p sausage roll and has opened 500 bakeries in the past decade. Is this the start of the great Brexit consumer slump? Are Britons falling out of love with cheap beer and bread? Or are even the venerable Greggs and the slightly less venerable Wetherspoon's succumbing to the inexorable life cycle of food and drink chains? Stage 1: Innocence"Let's meet at [WEIRD NAME]. Oh you haven't been? The guy who started it - it's a cool story. He and became obsessed about finding the perfect. Or maybe it was his grandfather's business, and he revived it? Either way really cool. They have just opened this place near you - say 12.15pm so we get a table?". Stage 2: Curiosity"I know, right - weird name? I read somewhere they named it after the first woman who. They only have three places in the whole of the UK. Oh, Google says they now have 49? Well, I went to the original one in just after it opened. This isn't quite as good, obviously. But it's old-style , with an independent-y feel. And the coffee is decent." Stage 4: Repulsion"Happy to meet anywhere. But maybe not [WEIRD NAME]? Last time I went I ordered a takeaway flatbread, and it was so tasteless - I thought I had started eating the bag. Did you hear they've started doing salads? Like seriously, who would go to [WEIRD NAME] for quinoa salad? Also there was this article about their. Which is weird as the staff seem so friendly. I almost wish they would just close completely and turn into something more like an actual experience. Maybe mini-golf?".

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