Jun 29, 2018

CO2 shortage creates crumpet crisis

Crumpet eaters became the latest victims of the European carbon dioxide shortage on Friday, as family baker Warburtons announced it had suspended crumpet production at two of four of its factories. Warburtons said it was producing "Nowhere near" the 1.5m crumpets it usually makes per week, as a result of the CO2 shortage that has already caused chaos for fizzy drink makers and meat producers. The gas is used in crumpet and fizzy drink production, as well as by meat producers to stun birds and pigs as part of the slaughter process to package fresh meat to extend its shelf life. Last week the British Poultry Council warned that a "Severe lack" of CO2 was threatening meat production, and this week the shortage took a toll on Coca-Cola production. Speaking on the BBC's Today programme on Friday, chief executive Ian Wright said he did not expect CO2 supplies to resume until next week.

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