Jun 28, 2018

CO2 shortage: No crumb of comfort as crumpets affected

Ei, the UK's largest pub group, said: "We are aware of the issue relating to a shortage in the supply of CO2 and are working with our suppliers to minimise any disruption to our customers and our publicans." The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, said it "Is aware that there are reports of a CO2 shortage affecting the food and drink sector" and was monitoring the situation. "We remain in discussion with a number of governmental departments, but many of the key questions we've asked in relation to the scale and timeframe of the CO2 shortage remain unanswered." The industry trade journal Gas World, which first reported the news that CO2 was running short, said that two tankers full of liquid CO2 from mainland Europe have been delivered to ports in the UK in the past couple of days. As Gas World points out: "The main problem is that they are reliant on the owners of the chemical, bio-ethanol and ammonia plants to be operational in order to gain access to the raw CO2 gas. If these plants are not operating then there is simply no raw CO2 to purify and liquefy."

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