Jul 24, 2018

Chrome browser flags Daily Mail and other sites as 'not secure'

It is one of many sites the browser will flag because they do not use HTTPS - the secure version of the web's underlying data transfer protocol. The Daily Mail tops his UK list as the busiest site to lack the protective measure. It's because today is the day Google updated to Chrome 68 - which has been changed to flag HTTP-only sites. Others - including governments - are joining the push for HTTPS. The UK's National Cyber Security Centre recently issued advice saying that all sites should use HTTPS. In addition, the Let's Encrypt project aims to make it easy for small sites to adopt it by publishing easy-to-follow guides and tools that simplify the process. Mr Hunt's list of insecure sites is regularly updated, but some sites on it, such as JustEat and Sage.com, have already adopted HTTPS.Should I avoid sites that are flagged as not secure?

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