Aug 7, 2018

Ford brings 'exosuits' to workers in 15 factories

Carmaker Ford has given mechanical "Exosuits" to 75 workers at 15 of its factories globally, following successful trials of the technology. Ford and Ekso say workers' physical activity is comparable to a person lifting a bag of flour or a watermelon above their head 4,600 times a day. To help reduce the strain, the exosuits provide support to workers' arms as they reach up to perform manual tasks on car bodies and parts suspended above their heads, for example to screw bolts into place with power tools. EksoVests fit workers between 5ft 2in and 6ft 4in tall and offer lift assistance for loads of between 5lb and 15lb per arm. Ford's rollout of the technology was the largest adoption of exosuits by a company yet, said long-time industry analyst Dan Kara, at The Robot Report.

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