Sep 18, 2018

'Smart' meal replacement drink hits UK

Meal replacement drink Soylent will launch in the UK on Thursday with a different formula to its US equivalent. In the 1973 movie version - Soylent Green - it was revealed that soylent was made from dead people. The firm has now rebranded it as a more occasional meal, to replace what it calls "Food voids" - times when a conventional meal is not possible because of time, logistics or money. CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper recently revealed that he was trying to replace all of his meals with Soylent drinks. "Eating whole food is always better when possible as there is an element to the chewing and digestion process that is important to our systems and psychologically food is key for us too," she told the BBC. "Food is a package of nutrients many of which we are not even aware of. Things like antioxidants and phytochemicals will not all be in the meal replacements, so eating a range of colourful food is the best way to nourish our bodies long term."

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