Oct 22, 2018

Morrisons loses appeal and faces payout over leak of staff data

Three senior judges agreed that Morrisons was "Vicariously liable" for the leak by a rogue executive in a ruling on Monday. "He said:"This case involves a significant data leak which affected more than 100,000 Morrisons employees - checkout staff, shelf-stackers, and factory workers; hard working people on whom Morrisons' entire business relies. The case is the first data leak class action in the UK. Wm Morrison said it would appeal to the Supreme Court, although it is up to the Supreme Court justices whether they hear the case. "Morrisons has not been blamed by the courts for the way it protected colleagues' data but they have found that we are responsible for the actions of that former employee, even though his criminal actions were targeted at the company and our colleagues," the company said in a statement. "Morrisons worked to get the data taken down quickly, provide protection for those colleagues and reassure them that they would not be financially disadvantaged. In fact, we are not aware that anybody suffered any direct financial loss. We believe we should not be held responsible so that's why we will now appeal to the Supreme Court."

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