Oct 24, 2018

What do young people want from the Budget?

With wages rising at the fastest pace in nearly a decade and unemployment rates hovering at the lowest for more than 40 years, these should be boom times for young people. One in five adults aged 25-34 are spending more than 60% of their pay on the same day it enters their account, according to KPMG. On top of that, the chances of owning a home seem slim to many young people as house prices have risen so much in recent years. "Often people in my situation are in entry-level salaries, not making so much money that they can be providing for themselves." Megan says she wants to see more government initiatives to cut the cost of transport for young people, and the introduction of small loans to cover living costs and support young people in work. "Everyone in my boat, young people especially, will never be able to afford a home unless things change".

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