Nov 29, 2018

Nintendo smashes its rules for gaming vloggers

Nintendo has relaxed its rules for video-makers who share their gameplay on websites such as Twitch and YouTube. Its new guidelines lift most of the restrictions and no longer ask gaming vloggers to register for Nintendo's revenue-sharing scheme. "As long as you follow some basic rules, we will not object to your use of gameplay footage and/or screenshots captured from games for which Nintendo owns the copyright," the company said in a statement. Uploading raw gameplay videos without any commentary will not be allowed, except for sharing short screen captures using the built-in tools on the Nintendo Switch. "Nintendo has a fan base that's been dying to make stuff for years," Ellen Rose, a gaming reporter for Outside Xtra, told the BBC. "Some creators have been scared to cover Nintendo previously, in case of copyright strikes and loss of income, so this is great for them - and for Nintendo too, as they'll get even more video coverage online."

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