Nov 1, 2018

Virgin Trains scraps Friday afternoon peak fares

Virgin Trains says it has permanently removed all peak-hour restrictions to trains that travel on Friday afternoons from London Euston station. It said the decision was made to ease overcrowding on Friday evening off-peak trains to destinations such as Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. Passengers on off-peak trains are often forced to stand for hours in order to avoid paying much higher peak fares. "Rather than everyone waiting for the first off-peak train on Friday evening, people can now travel whenever's convenient for them," said Virgin Train's commercial director Sarah Copley. "This is welcome news for Virgin Trains customers. As an industry we want to build on initiatives like this and go even further, by getting rail fares regulations brought up to date so we can deliver an easier, more flexible system that fits with how people work and travel today," said the Rail Delivery Group's managing director of customer service Jacqueline Starr.

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