Dec 4, 2018

Don't let GDPR spoil Christmas

In some cases GDPR is now forcing consumers to give up even more of their personal data than they would have before just to get the same services. Whether you sign out as a guest or signed-in as a registered client, the assumption is you are entitled to all the same consumer protection rights and service qualities offered by the retailer in general. The dedicated rep was not available, but a colleague informed us that this refusal-to-replace was indeed correct, and was due to the new GDPR regulations which made it illegal for John Lewis to retain personal data beyond one order transaction. I work for the John Lewis & Partners press office so I wanted to get in touch and clarify a few things around your questions about GDPR. Unfortunately, you were given incorrect information when you were told that GDPR was the reason you could not exchange the playpen if you checked out as a guest. The moral of this Christmas GDPR story being: if you buy a piano from John Lewis online in guest mode and it turns up faulty, be prepared to have to carry it to a nearby branch for a replacement.

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