Mar 4, 2019

Period poverty: Socks 'being used as sanitary towels'

The union said current measures to tackle so-called period poverty were "Insufficient" and sanitary pads or tampons are too expensive. The NUS Cyrmu said period poverty "Should bring shame on us all". The union, which represents 350,000 students in Wales, said it wants better education of periods and more investment from the Welsh Government to tackle period poverty. "We need a strategic and sustained investment by the Welsh Government and local authorities, year on year, to make the disgrace of period poverty a thing of the past." "Last year, we committed over £1m to help address period poverty in our communities and improve school toilet facilities to ensure dignity for young people. Local authorities will receive £440,000 up until 2020 to tackle period poverty by providing products to people who may otherwise struggle to afford them."

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