May 14, 2019

Smart meters: Why they are driving some people mad

Government figures show that until the end of 2018 nearly 15 million smart meters had been installed. The company told the BBC: "We'll be supporting energy suppliers to connect millions of first-generation meters to the central DCC network, bringing consumers the full benefits of smart metering, like the ability to switch supplier without losing smart functionality." "I then did what the government urges people to do and changed electricity and gas suppliers to get a better deal. The smart meter doesn't work with the new suppliers, because it only works with the people who fitted it. How smart is that?". "The Department for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy said:"Since 2012 smart meters have helped millions track how much they're spending on gas and electricity, so they can save money. "Work to ensure devices stay smart when switching is already underway and will be completed by the end of next year. Smart meters which have lost some smart functionality will be prioritised."

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