Aug 28, 2019

'Rosalind Franklin' Mars rover assembly completed

Assembly of the rover Europe and Russia plan to send to the Red Planet next year is complete. The roughly 300kg Rosalind Franklin rover is being bagged and boxed, ready to be sent to an Airbus facility in Toulouse this week. In parallel with the work on the rover, engineers in Italy at the Thales Alenia Space company are preparing the mechanisms required to get the rover safely to, and on to, Mars. Why is Rosalind Franklin important for the UK? Tuesday's send-off in front of the media was a big moment for the UK, which has made the Mars robot a central feature of its space science policy this past decade. Study work at Airbus-Stevenage is already considering the design of a rover that would pick up rock samples cached by Mars 2020 during its mission.

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