Oct 30, 2019

Smart meters will get to Star Trek phase, says minister

Smart meters will reach a "Star Trek phase" - when the technology works to the financial benefit of consumers, a minister has promised. The installation of smart meters has been riddled with delays and problems. A smart meter measures energy use, in the same way as a traditional gas or electricity meter. The "Star Trek phase" of the technology would allow residents to "Run the laundry" at lower-cost times of day, owing to tariffs that allowed for a change in cost every half an hour, business minister Lord Duncan of Springbank told the Business Committee of MPs. Despite millions of pounds being spent on marketing, he added: "There is still a relatively wide ignorance across the country about the value of smart meters." The biggest annoyance for customers is that the first meters go "Dumb", meaning that when they switch energy suppliers the meter loses its smart functionality and they have to go back to reading the meter again.

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