Oct 25, 2019

Vaccine reminder system 'inconsistent', report concludes

The NHS system for reminding parents to have their children vaccinated is "Inconsistent" and making an appointment can be difficult, says a report on vaccine uptake in England. Although the government target is for 95% uptake, in 2018-19 only 86.4% received the second dose of the MMR vaccine by age five and 84.8% the four-in-one pre-school booster. The report found there were issues with "Inconsistencies" and "No coherent system" across the country over how parents were contacted and re-contacted about booking vaccine appointments. The report said there was also no consistent national approach by NHS England and Public Health England to engage with "Under-served" groups, such as travellers, recent migrants and some religious faith groups. The report says parents still appeared to have confidence in vaccinations and there was "Limited evidence" that anti-vaccination messages had had any major impact on uptake.

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