Dec 2, 2019

Disabled workers face a 12.2% pay gap

Disabled employees are paid 12.2% less than their non-disabled peers, according to official data. The Office for National Statistics found that in 2018 the median pay for non-disabled workers was £12.11 an hour, against £10.63 for disabled. London had the widest disability pay gap at 15.3%, with the narrowest in Scotland, at 8.3%. The gap was the widest for those in their 30s and 40s, the ONS said in its report. The ONS said disabled females were in general paid 10.1% less than non-disabled females in 2018 - narrower than the pay gap between disabled and non-disabled male employees who had a gap of 11.6%. However, employment rates for disabled men and women were similar at 51.7% and 50.4%. The ONS also found that those disabled employees with mental impairments had the biggest pay gap at 18.6%, while the gap was 9.7% for the physically impaired. Using the GSS definition of disability, the ONS said 18.9% of workers aged 16 to 64 years were disabled in 2018.

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