Jan 18, 2020

Disney culls 'Fox' from 20th Century Fox in rebrand

Disney executives have cut the word "Fox" from their 20th Century Fox film studio in an apparent bid to distance it from operations of the previous owner, Rupert Murdoch. 20th Century Fox is known for producing some of the biggest films of all-time, including Avatar and Titanic. The original 20th Century Fox company was formed in 1935 following a merger. Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation bought it in the mid-1980s, and the Fox News channel was created in 1996, growing to become most-watched in the US. News Corporation was later split into News Corp and 21st Century Fox - which Disney acquired as the parent company of various film and television studios, including the renowned 20th Century Fox. Variety says the 20th Century Fox studio's well-known fanfare theme and searchlight logo will be retained.

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