Jan 28, 2020

Northern Rail: Your tales of 'atrocious' service

Ian says he loves Buckshaw and its "Fantastic facilities", but says the train service into Manchester is "Lacking". "We're running old trains," he says, "And for the money that you pay for a ticket to go to Manchester, I think the actual service is atrocious." Stacey has a young family and says having to make up the time at work is tricky: "If the train's late or it's cancelled, I'm knackered. So I've got to then start trying to get after-school care, which instantly costs me £20.". He's put everyone on flexitime, allowing his workers to start from home or clock on later in the day, because he couldn't rely on people arriving on time due to the late running trains. "I don't want my colleagues being worried that their train is delayed and they have to get in a certain time. I see every day a message from one of my colleagues 'I'm going to be 10/15 minutes late, because Northern haven't arrived or because there's issues with the trains.'".

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