Feb 13, 2020

Ford boss urges re-think on electric hybrid car ban

The boss of Ford Europe has raised concerns about a possible 2032 ban on petrol, diesel and hybrid cars. Last week, the government also stated it is bringing plug-in hybrids into the ban "For the first time". "Of course that is terrible business, but it also undermines what they're trying to achieve. They want a stepping stone technology towards fully electric cars. They understand that consumers on the whole are very interested in electric cars but they aren't buying them. Just 1.6% of car sales last year were fully electric." "Mr Rowley also said that the government should focus more on investment into infrastructure."Today very few people have the ability to charge an electric vehicle, whether it be at home or whether it be in public places. According to Zap-Map, a phone app that helps drivers find charging points, there are over 10,800 electric charging locations in the UK. About 25% of them are located in London for example, just 3% are in Wales.

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