Mar 6, 2020

Nintendo PlayStation: Ultra-rare prototype sells for £230,000

The ultra-rare prototype was the offspring of a short-lived collaboration between Nintendo and Sony, and was supposed to add CD-ROM support to the Super Nintendo. "People had kind of heard about this story - Nintendo and Sony partnering up to make the next, or the sequel to, the Super Nintendo," said Conor Clarke of the National Videogame Museum in Sheffield. The story of the Nintendo PlayStation comes from a time when Nintendo was riding high from its success with the Super Nintendo, and there were still a few years until its next major console release. A day after Sony announced the deal to the world in 1991, Nintendo announced a new partnership with Philips instead. That decision changed the entire landscape of the gaming industry in the 1990s. The Philips console, known as the CD-I, was a critical and commercial failure, with the four Nintendo games published for it considered among the worst in the company's catalogue.

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