Apr 6, 2020

Waitrose staff told to make up time off for virus

Worried Waitrose workers have warned that customers and staff are being put at risk during the coronavirus crisis. Its 'time back' system "Will mean that some people will continue to show up for work," putting people at risk, a concerned worker told the BBC. Waitrose said: "Where possible we are asking Partners to time bank, however we are being flexible about when time can be paid back." It means while they are paid in full during the time they take off, they are forced to pay that time back by working overtime for no extra pay when they return to work. "A Waitrose worker - who asked to remain anonymous because of fears for their job - told the BBC:"It means someone on a 35-hour contract would have to work an extra 70 hours if they had two weeks in isolation. "Front line Waitrose staff are being pressured to work back hours in order to protect the business, at least that's what they're telling us."

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