Jul 10, 2020

Barclays bankers call financier a 'tart' and a 'dollybird'

A financier embroiled in a £1.6bn court battle with Barclays was referred to as a "Tart" and "That dolly bird" by bank executives, a court has heard. The judge has heard that Mr Jenkins referred to Ms Staveley as "The tart" during an October 2008 telephone call with fellow Barclays boss Richard Boath. Ms Staveley, 47, has made complaints about the behaviour of Barclays bosses when negotiating investment deals during the crisis 12 years ago. Ms Staveley, currently working on a deal which could see a Saudi consortium take control of Newcastle United football club, says PCP introduced Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour to Barclays and he "Subscribed" to invest £3.25bn. She says PCP is owed money for the work it did. Later in the call, Mr Jenkins said: "Well I am - you know, I'm going to call the tart; I was going to call the tart."

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