Jul 9, 2020

'UK faces mobile blackouts if Huawei 5G ban imposed by 2023'

BT and Vodafone have said their UK customers would face mobile phone signal blackouts if they are given three years or less to strip Huawei's equipment out of their 5G networks. In January, the government put a cap on Huawei's 5G market share, but decided that suggested security risks raised by allowing the Chinese firm to supply the country's telecoms providers could be managed. As a consequence, Huawei faces having to source other companies' chips for use in its equipment. Vodafone made a similar case - it uses Huawei's kit in its 2G, 3G. 4G and 5G networks. Last year they seemed determined to battle against any plan to exclude Huawei from the UK's 5G networks.

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