Sep 30, 2020

Trump ads push baseless Biden earpiece conspiracy

US President Donald Trump's re-election campaign is running hundreds of Facebook advertisements pushing an unfounded conspiracy theory that Joe Biden cheated during the first US presidential debate. The adverts show the Democratic Party challenger with an earpiece, and say that he refused to have his ears checked for devices prior to the debate. Prior to Tuesday's debate, the rumour about Mr Biden's supposed earpiece was circulating on several social networks, and was being promoted by the Trump campaign. The advertising campaign was launched after the debate, and also promotes two other baseless but widely shared rumours about Mr Biden. During the debate, some also shared photos of a fold in Mr Biden's shirt, claiming it was caused by a wire, and of a supposed device on his wrist, where he wears a rosary in memory of his late son Beau.Conspiracy theories about secret listening devices have been recycled in presidential election campaigns for the past two decades.

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