Oct 13, 2020

Covid-19: Why is Essex County Council pleading for tighter restrictions?

Last Friday, MPs and council leaders in Essex were shown Covid-19 data for the county which, according to those present, warned of an exponential rise in cases for the weeks ahead. Action was needed, they were told by Dr Mike Gogarty, director of public health and wellbeing at Essex County Council. On Tuesday, the council formally asked the government to raise Essex's status in the three-tier alert system from Medium to High, thereby asking for tighter social restrictions on its 1.4 million inhabitants. "The simple facts are the government have announced we are in tier one, we have a far lower number of infections than most Essex districts and councils in the country, fortunately we have very few of our residents in hospital and even more fortunately we have had no residents die of Covid-19 since the middle of July.". "One of the key questions I asked the director was if we do not go up a gear in terms of restrictions, how long will it be until the intensive care beds in Essex hospitals reach the 70-80% capacity mark? The reply was just four or five weeks." The feeling though is that the sooner Essex goes into Tier Two, the faster Essex gets out.

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