Oct 5, 2020

McDonald's among food firms urging tougher deforestation rules

Food firms in the UK including McDonald's are urging the government to toughen up rules designed to protect rainforests. The firms say the law should apply to all deforestation, whether it's legal or illegal. They've have long argued that it's pointless for the UK to protect its own landscape - as the Prime Minister says he intends - if ingredients in food or fodder such as beef, cocoa, soy, rubber and palm oil have contributed to environmental destruction abroad. "Robin Willoughby, from the green group Mighty Earth said:"The proposed legislation would continue to allow rampant deforestation in hotspots such as Indonesia and Brazil. "She added:"Our proposed approach is designed to tackle illegal deforestation which accounts for nearly 50% of deforestation globally, but nearer 90% in key biomes, including part of the Amazon. "Chris Brown, Sustainable Sourcing Director at Asda, said:"We welcome efforts the government has made so far to tackle deforestation.

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