Nov 22, 2020

Four reasons Topshop is not the brand it once was

Many fashion commentators say the group's most famous brand - Topshop - has had problems for years. "For a while Topshop was cool. They were part of London Fashion Week, they were pulling cool people onto the runway and in the front row," Ms Graafland says. "Topshop has been guilty of being too slow to adapt to the changing market. Whereas Zara has been investing in digital solutions in recent years - such as giving consumers online access to stock levels in-store - Topshop has been lagging behind," she says. Topshop might not churn out new pieces at the breakneck speed of its online-only rivals, but it still has a fast fashion business model - mass producing garments cheaply, then shipping them to 260-outlets worldwide. "People buy from Pretty Little Thing but they don't fit the same. You have them for a year then get rid of them because they're out of fashion. With Topshop you can dress a top up with different trousers or a different coat or cardigan and you can still wear them."

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