Feb 26, 2021

Budget 2021: Support pubs by cutting beer duty, say Conservative MPs

Dr Richard Piper, chief executive of Alcohol Change UK, which aims to reduce the harm caused by alcohol, said deaths caused by drinking last year were the highest since records began in 2001, and that reducing the tax on beer would be the wrong move. "Alcohol duties fall on alcohol producers - not pubs - and most alcohol sales are from a small number of multinational corporations, some of the largest and most profitable companies on the planet," he said. Mr Piper at Alcohol Change UK said a better strategy would be to level the playing field between pubs and shops selling alcohol for consumption at home. "A smart UK policy would be to increase alcohol duties on cut-price supermarket alcohol, without increasing it in pubs and bars." "That's a double win: fairer competition for pubs, bars and other hospitality venues, and an overall increase in tax revenues to start to off-set the cost of alcohol to society."

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