Feb 8, 2021

Dorothy Perkins? Why would Boohoo want that?

These brands, the last on the table, add to Boohoo's own vast collection of the brands that made their name - largely through their High Street presence. The three brands are still very popular, with two million active customers last year. "The brands might well be tired, but their core customers are catching up with the rest of Boohoo's customers and are going through a transition to buying online." "They've done really well on that, appealing to a certain type of customer, but they've pretty much got that market - not much room for growth apart from diversifying." says retail analyst Clare Bailey, from analysts Retail Champion. "Boohoo management have the skill. They were market traders and they were able to take their direct-to-consumer relationship attitude to online. If you know how to do that with one set of customers, you can do it with others."

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