Feb 1, 2021

Nintendo Switch sales surge past those of the 3DS

Sales of Nintendo's Switch gaming consoles have surpassed those of their predecessor - the 3DS - despite being available for a much shorter period. Analysts attribute the Switch's success to the popularity of Animal Crossing, among other family-friendly exclusives. Nintendo ended production of its 3DS handheld in September 2020 and says it sold 75.94 million units over its nine-and-a-half year lifetime. The Switch first went on sale in 2017, and was joined by a lower-cost model - the Switch Lite - in 2019, which is also included in the tally. "The sales success of the Switch justifies Nintendo's decision to stick with its product strategy of combining unique and innovative dedicated games hardware with compelling first-party games," Piers Harding-Rolls from Ampere Analysis told the BBC. "Sometimes this approach misses the mark - see the Wii U for example - but when it works it tends to result in very successful products."

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