Mar 8, 2021

BT denies reports of boardroom bust-up over du Plessis’s departure

BT has denied that a boardroom bust-up triggered the resignation of Jan du Plessis, its chairman, who said last week he intends to retire in 2021 after just three years in the role. "The chairman throughout his tenure has demonstrated strong leadership of the company, been extremely supportive of management and any suggestion that he has impeded the transformation of BT is without foundation," BT said in a statement. "There has been no misalignment between the board and executive management over the company's strategy." Sky News had reported on Friday that Philip Jansen, BT chief executive, had threatened to resign unless Mr du Plessis was replaced by a chairman, having become frustrated with the speed at which BT was taking key strategic decisions. "It's not the fault of du Plessis that BT cannot execute faster, and/or it has not sold a minority stake in Openreach to demonstrate its value, and, ultimately, its share price is still down 39 per cent versus where it was when Philip Jansen became CEO.".

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