Mar 23, 2021

Waitrose ditches magazines with disposable plastic toys

Waitrose has said it will no longer sell children's magazines with plastic disposable toys to help tackle pollution. The retailer said the free plastic toys have a short lifespan and cannot easily be recycled. "I'm really pleased so many people have agreed with me and supported my petition - I want to thank everyone who has signed and shared my campaign to ban plastics from comics and magazines," Skye told the BBC. "Thank you to Waitrose for agreeing with us and no longer selling the unwanted plastic tat." The retailer has written to magazine distributors giving them eight weeks' notice of the policy, asking for alternatives to plastic toys and warning that they will not sell copies which contain the disposable items. In 2019, Burger King stopped including plastic toys in their children's meals and McDonald's gave children options of books with Happy Meals, after a campaign by two sisters.

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