Jun 3, 2021

ECJ rules in favour of Tesco store staff in equal pay claim

Europe's top court has ruled that Tesco supermarket workers can compare the value of their work to that of colleagues in distribution centres, boosting a long-running equal pay claim. The European Court of Justice ruling in effect mirrors one by the UK's Supreme Court earlier this year on an equal pay case involving another supermarket group, Asda. At issue is the discrepancy in hourly pay rates between the mainly female staff who work in stores and the largely male workforce in distribution centres. Lawyers for Tesco store staff intend to argue that the work is of equal value and that the store workers are victims of gender discrimination. Walmart recently revealed in US regulatory filings that it had indemnified the buyers of Asda - TDR and the Issa brothers - against an undisclosed portion of any financial settlement arising from the equal pay claims.

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