Sep 23, 2021

The UK faces an energy crisis. Could nuclear play a vital role?

To scan the densely packed site is to find most of Britain's nuclear history standing before you: the hastily constructed cold war military installations; the world's first civil nuclear power station, Calder Hall, opened by the Queen in 1956; the experimental "Golf ball" reactor from the 1960s. One of the world's biggest nuclear sites, Sellafield still handles all the material produced by Britain's seven nuclear power plants. Almost three-quarters of the UK's nuclear waste is stored within its 6 sq km precincts or close by. Many think nuclear power is vital if the country is to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, a goal to which the government is legally committed. "For every terawatt hour of electricity produced, nuclear energy is 10-100 times safer than coal or gas."

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