Oct 18, 2021

Morrisons takeover: Bradford retail giant in the bagging area

Morrisons' late owner once said you only need three things on your shopping list to run a successful supermarket empire - good staff, good suppliers and loyal customers. While helping an elderly customer lift a huge bag of penne pasta into her shopping bag, Mr Giangregorio, who describes himself and his Roswitha's Delicatessen stall as a "European cocktail" of Polish, Italian and Austrian, continues: "I'd tell them to keep the heart of the company to its Bradford roots."They've got a good head office here, I'd encourage them to keep that, and I'd tell them to stay true to what Morrisons' name is about - local produce and supporting UK farmers. Morrisons is among several UK companies that have recently been sought out by overseas investors - and is on the verge of becoming the second UK supermarket chain to be acquired by private equity in eight months after Asda was bought out in February. The purchase may have been seen an opportunity too good to miss for Terry Leahy, ex-Tesco chief executive and now a senior adviser for CD&R.CD&R says it recognises Morrisons' "history and culture, and considers that this strong heritage is core to Morrisons and its approach to grocery retailing", but a key aspect to its local popularity will be maintaining the community links Morrisons has spent more than a century building. A Morrisons spokesperson said: "If shareholders vote in favour of the CD&R offer tomorrow, nothing will change - we will remain headquartered in Bradford and totally committed to playing our full part in the region.

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