Jul 25, 2022

Ryanair boss hits out at airports: 'They had one job'

A Ryanair boss has slammed airports for not recruiting enough staff to cater for the rebound in passenger numbers, saying they had "Had one job to do to". Neil Sorahan, chief financial officer, said "Various governments" and airports needed to be held to account for "Not staffing up appropriately". "Equally the airports themselves, they had one job to do to and that was to make sure they have sufficient handlers and security staff. They had the schedules months in advance."We managed to staff up for 73 additional aircrafts well in advance and it's incumbent on the airports to get their planning better next year. After shedding thousands of jobs during the pandemic, the travel industry has struggled to recruit, train and security-check new staff quickly enough to keep up with resurgent demand. Airlines have been blamed for taking more bookings than they can manage, while airports have also been criticised for not being able to cater for more flights.

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