Jul 3, 2022

The supermarket rows you don't usually hear about

It's an illustration of the challenges facing suppliers and supermarkets as they grapple with huge cost increases. "Suppliers are now saying: 'This is what I can afford to sell this product to you for. And if you don't agree I am going to stop supplying you,'" says Ged Futter, founder of The Retail Mind. The entire food supply chain is facing a once-in-a-generation style rise in costs. Ged Futter says suppliers are often asked to fill out a cost justification sheet to help retailers determine whether price increases are merited. "Take cardboard. The supplier might say, 'Ours has gone up by 40%.' But the retailer might say, 'Well our costs have only gone up by 20%, so I'm not giving you 40%, I'm giving you 20%,'" he says.

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